Tour 2: VeloSplit Keymaps

Do you sometimes use AKAI-CDs on your Kurz? Well - it's a little bit of work to get a nice program from an imported CD. Here's how you can do it easier:

That's what you get when you load a volume of an AKAI-CD into the Kurz, save it to disk and load the file into KurzFiler:

Goal of this example is to get a single layer velocity split program of the Suitcase Rhodes. So at first, delete all other programs and keymaps. Here's the result:

I don't like the '-1' in the names, so let's kill them. You can double click into the name fields an edit them right in place

Now let's build the velosplit keymap. All you have to do is select all the keymaps you want to use and click on 'New Keymap'. This is the window you get as a result:

For each of the eight velocity levels that are used in keymaps (ppp to fff) you can select which keymap shall be used. The 'Level 0 ppp to fff' means that the original keymap (i.e. '200 SCASE MEDIUM') only has one level which handles all strikes from ppp to fff.
Here's how I have sorted the keymaps: the harder I press a key, the 'harder' the sound.

After pressing 'OK', you can select a name for the new keymap and one for the simple program that uses it.

Here's the new objects. Look at keymap #204: it has 4 velocity levels and it is quite big (1584 Bytes). The new program is a really simple one. You can use it, but at least the AMPENV and VelTrk on the AMP-Page should be set to piano-like values (the sound should get louder when you press harder, and it should decay).

Click on 'File/File Information' gives you this:

In order to make the file smaller and nicer, you can use the compact feature: select the keymap that links to all samples, then click on 'Compact Keymap'. Here's the result:

All 100 have been packed into the new sample 'Suitcase Rhodes'. The keymaps have become smaller, too. Here's what 'File Information' says:

That's all! Save it by clicking on the diskette symbol and load it right into your K.

Have FUN